Kinetic Shift.


Kinetic Shift is a rapid method combining several different techniques to resolve Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Weight loss, PTSD and much more.

We all know that sometimes we can't express everything we want to verbally, so we use several other methods of communication and that is key

to Kinetic Shift.

Kinetic Shift was developed by Karl Smith from the UK Hypnosis Academy after years and years of watching and participating in boring and dated Hypnotherapy methods, laying the client down and really boring them with long winded scripts.

Originally developed for Armed Forces & Emergency Service personnel.

After 2 years of field testing with Military and Emergency personnel, Karl finalised the 7 simplistic stages of Kinetic Shift as we know it today.


Kinetic Shift is useful in resolving :

  • PTSD

  • Weight loss

  • Anxiety

  • Fears 

  • Pain management

  • Relaxation

  • Stress

  • Body Image

Hypnotherapy Session: $165.00 

UKHA Australia Training:

Wendy and Paul have been working as Therapists for the last few years, now delivering courses  around Australia, educating and supporting our new Practitioners in the latest developments and mentoring as needed. Both have their own businesses where they regularly use the skills that they teach in this course.


Combining their life experiences and skill sets, Wendy and Paul are passionate about supporting people to make real change in their lives.

Kinetic Shift is a rapid and highly effective technique often a revelation for those believing that change has to be a long and difficult process. We know that current Kinetic Shift practitioners are using this powerful tool during nearly every therapy session for a wide range of issues. Kinetic Shift will transform your therapy practice, bringing life-changing freedom for your clients from fears, phobias, anxiety, pain and so much more.

On this Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis course, you not only learn powerful techniques, you also benefit enormously from the experience itself – building confidence as well as ongoing career development support. We are committed to delivering a fun-filled, dynamic course in a respectful learning environment.

Day 1 – Rapid Hypnosis

Learn Fast and Dynamic Hypnosis Techniques.

Have you been on a hypnosis course and are still not confident about inductions? Are you just intrigued about hypnosis and want to know more? Then this is for you! The one day foundation course of Rapid Hypnosis Inductions is for therapists and beginners alike. You will learn how to hypnotise almost anyone, anywhere. Watch your confidence grow and in one day, you will experience and witness things that will change your life!

You will learn:

o The basics of hypnosis
o Different rapid inductions
o How to use them ethically
o How to use rapid techniques in either clinical or performance settings.


Day 2 – The Kinetic Shift Technique (can be booked separately)

Kinetic Shift in four words – Active, Intuitive, Dynamic, Energising.

Everyone from a beginner to a seasoned therapist can use Kinetic Shift – it’s simple and fun and can be done anywhere. Originally developed to assist armed forces and emergency services personnel in resolving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Kinetic Shift can be applied to a wide variety of challenges faced by your clients.

Combining sub-modalities, confusion strategies, eye movement reprocessing, metaphor, shamanistic, intuitive and theatrical techniques, Kinetic Shift is a rapid method for resolving fears, phobias, anxiety, weight issues, smoking and so much more. The key to Kinetic Shift is the non-verbal, dynamic communication with the subconscious mind. It can be entirely content free, the therapist doesn’t need to know the issue, which can be of significant benefit to the client.


The UK Hypnosis Academy has spent several years developing and testing the Kinetic Shift technique and it is now being delivered all over the world by certified trainers. Whether you are an intrigued beginner or a seasoned therapist, this course will change your life, your business and the lives of so many people that you meet.

You do not need to have any formal hypnotherapy qualifications to attend the course, it is open to beginners all the way to seasoned Hypnotherapists.

You have the option to attend either one or both training days as required. However we do suggest that you attend both days, if you have no previous experience, it is strongly recommended that you attend Day One if you are attending the Kinetic Shift training on Day Two.

Should you have any questions about the course and or have any disability restrictions that need to be accommodated, please contact the organising trainers directly.

Every effort will be made to accommodate attendees but difficulties may occur as the UK Hypnosis Academy is bound to comply with the service providers requirements at the training location.

Our 2 Day Rapid Hypnosis Inductions and

Kinetic Shift Technique Course.

Contact us direct to register your interest.

Registration forms and enquiries for our training

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Are you ready to make the Shift"

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