Stress, Pain management, Anxiety, Confidence Issues, Post Traumatic Stress , Abuse Trauma, Suicide Loss/Grief, Abandonment, Nightingale Dementia Consultant.
Workshops for Communities, groups and clubs for Stress, Anxiety,
Suicide loss, Trauma.
Training in 2 Day Hypnosis Inductions and Kinetic Shift Practitioner course.
www.ukha.com.au for more information.
Now a Certified Nightingale Dementia Consultant 2020: 
Diploma In Allied Hypnosis & Brain Health Coaching For Dementia.
Currently Training 2021
Ken Guzzo stop smoking protocol
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Echuca VIC 3564
Tel: 0408 481 486
Mail: wendy@reconnecttherapyaustralia.com.au

We are all about offering choices in complimentary, holistic and alternative therapies.

Hypnotherapy and Kinetic Shift Technique is just two of the therapies offered to assist our clients to enter a focused state to easily take in positive suggestions aimed at fostering greater comfort, to decreased their Pain, Trauma, Stress and Anxiety and so much more.


Kinetic Shift  Technique can be used with or without hypnosis and works content free so, no need talk about and re live your trauma. It was developed in the UK by Karl Smith for Military and Emergency Service personnel with PTSD, today it is used around the world and used on so much more.

During Hypnosis, the you are in full control and are totally aware, a purely focused and deeply relaxed state of Hypnosis. 


Hypnosis is used to change behavior and overcome irrational fear, relieve anxiety in a positive, safe and gentle way.  Hypnosis is a complementary therapy, so we can work with your GP and any current medications.

Are you looking for a Professional Hypnotherapist?

For fast effective hypnosis, in comfortable confidential surroundings. In itself Hypnosis is not a therapy - but it is used in Hypnotherapy to access the unconscious mind to resolve emotional and psychological issues. It it a pleasant altered state of consciousness during which we reach a deep level of relaxation. 

This Hypnotic state is one we experience everyday in different ways; such as the state before we drift off to sleep or have you ever driven home but do not remember parts of that drive. Our goal is to teach you the best of the best techniques so you get the best outcomes.



ReConnect Therapy Australia can now come to your workplace, group or club.

With a lived experience we offer tailored workshops  First Aid for the Mind - for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Grief ,Loss and more. 

It's informative and more importantly  we educate you in the tips, techniques and tools we use for ongoing self care and  building resilience. 

Our team can assist you with the well being of your staff, whether it's to de-brief after a traumatic event or to assist in the performance of your staff due to high stress 

or Bullying in the workplace.

We are passionate about helping you.

Wendy McNish - Hypnotherapist, Accredited Kinetic Shift ,OldPain2Go & Psy-TaP Practitioner, Trainer & Assessor of Rapid Hypnosis & Kinetic Shift for UKHA Australia Nightingale Dementia Consultant.

Paul Harrison- (Kinetic Therapy)- Hypnotherapist, Accredited Kinetic Shift & OldPain2Go Practitioner, Trainer & Assessor of Rapid Hypnosis & Kinetic Shift for UKHA Australia.

Our Training

We now offer a 2 Day Training in Rapid Hypnosis Inductions and Kinetic Shift Practitioner course, with a minimum of 6 students per course, to find out more please go to our website : www.ukha.com.au

Available Therapy
  • Pain Management

  • Anxiety Management 

  • Stress Management

  • Confidence Management

  • Help people in transformation and cpd development skills.

  • Hypnosis - refer therapy page for more detail.

  • Training in Kinetic Shift Practitioner course see:  www.ukha.com.au

  • Nightingale Dementia Consultant


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