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Psy-TaP is short for Psychosensory techniques and Principles. Its a powerful self healing technique that triggers rapid and permanent change by tackling the root cause of an issue. Psy-TaP is particularly effective if you're suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, emotional issues, and many behavioral disorders.

Psy-TaP is based on the pattern interrupt. In essence: "If you think the thought, you can feel the feeling". By taking away the away the trigger feeling, the emotional or physical response you have to that feeling disappears too.

Psy-TaP blends scientific evidence with the power of the human mind and body.

Our thought fields are invisible, non-material structures in space that cause us to experience emotions and feelings. When we think negative or traumatic thoughts, we have a physical reaction to them, which interrupts our natural pattern.

We disrupt this process from happening and help you to control your thoughts and feelings


Psy-TaP draws on the skills of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and thought field therapy as well as other psycho-sensory techniques.


Techniques for the alleviation and eradication of symptoms of Trauma, Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Addictions and other associated psychological issues, rapidly and effectively. 

How can Psy-TaP help?

*Stop worrying or depressive thoughts

*Control panic attacks, fears, and phobias

*Stop feelings of sadness and grief

*Give you ways to pattern interrupt stressful thoughts and feelings and thus give you back control.

Who is Psy-TaP For?


Psy-TaP is suitable for adults and children.  Once you have learned the various techniques you can take them with you and use them wherever you go. Psy-TaP teaches you strategies to manage your thoughts and emotions, Its ideal for people looking for fast and permanent change.

Simple application of easy to remember techniques, which either stop totally, or allow you to have control over a negative emotion or state

The techniques have neuroscience and neurobiology underpinning their effectiveness

The techniques are fast, powerful and do not require a belief in them, for them to work

Speed is our key to success

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